Dianna is a STAR

My husband and I are so grateful that we chose Dianna Fieldstead as our Realtor. Dianna goes the extra mile, and helps you every step of the way. She not only assists in getting your house ready to go on the market, but she also makes sure that it is sold for a fair price! Dianna didn't just help us sell our starter home, but she literally found us the house of our dreams. She went beyond just checking out existing listings, she actually sought out our dream home before it even went on the market-utilizing her tremendous networking skills. We recommend Dianna as a Realtor to anyone who is buying or selling their home! She is a STAR!
Kathy & Rob Byrd

Dianna is a sales and marketers dream!

I speak as a customer of Dianna Fieldstead who took a very difficult sale of a piece of real estate to an "elegant outcome for my wife and me"! She not only produced outstanding marketing brochures with valuable analytical detail to achieve a final sales price over 10% more than we had expected. As the song goes, "in this world of ordinary people, she stand above the extra ordinary people"!
It is rare to see Brokers of Real Estate do much more than take orders! Who has seen recently any Broker who really know how to market a home or a piece of real estate??? Certainly, not me...Dianna does a lot more than wait for a sale. She views destiny as something you do not wait for, but destiny is something she achieves! She does her homework and she finds her Buyers. If you want good results in selling your property, then go to Dianna, for she will make her own luck as apposed to waiting for some possible buyers to wander into your home for sale.
There are few "All Americans" who can take you to the finish line in the real estate profession....and remember when you have to cut your price for your Broker to make a sale, that cut of price is 95% of your own money. The Broker gives up 5% and it is just because they forget whose money in invested. Dianna cares and she gives her all to her clients! It is hard not to like her, for she gets results for her customers the good old fashioned way....She just works like hell!!! If any of you want to talk to me about my "Dianna Dream Experience", call me and let's talk.
Ken Hatch former Chairmanm, President, and CEO of KIRO Television and Radio for the Puget Sound region.
PS: If we had more Dianna's we would not have a recession in the real estate business

Recurring Results!

Dianna Fieldstead has represented me in a number of real estate transaction over the past 8 years. I have the utmost confidence in her knowledge and ability! She is very savvy regarding market conditions and her advice has been lucrative in each case. She is very professional, yet still a pleasure to work with!
Amy Briggs